Room Bio-Decontamination Services (RBDS)

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A Unique Broad-Spectrum No-Touch Decontamination Service for any Facility

Bioquell’s Room Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS) is a unique solution allowing organisations to utilise Bioquell’s patented Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) technology for large scale decontaminations, without the expense of capital equipment purchase. RBDS not only includes all necessary equipment, trained engineers and consumables, but verifies each bio-decontamination with biological indicators (6-log Bacillus spore culture). Our service is able to quickly, efficiently and efficaciously bio-decontaminate any enclosure from a small store cupboard to an entire building or facility.

Further, and to ensure our service meets all your site requirements including regulatory inspections, the service is fully documented. This includes a project scope, method statement, risk assessment, a detailed final report and decontamination certificate.


  • Fully documented

    RBDS is not only about the practical side of service delivery. We understand that it is important for our customer to hold detailed records of what actions were performed on their site, ready for regulatory or audit inspections, including batch and serial numbers, equipment locations, biological indicator locations and results. This, of course, is on top of the risk assessment, method statement, contract briefing note, scope of works and other cycle optimisation documentation.
  • Efficacy

    Bioquells decontamination systems have excellent efficacy for many organisms, including those which are typically considered difficult to deactivate (i.e. TB and Anthrax). However, to ensure that your facility is decontaminated to this high standard Bioquell use independently produced and evaluated biological indicators which contain a high level (>6-log) loading of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores. This culture is inoculated onto a stainless steel disc and then sealed into a Tyvek pouch to stop any cross contamination of the biological indicator or the environment. Located in challenging locations within the target area, these “spore strips” are exposed to the process and subsequently incubated to demonstrate the efficacy of the process performed at your site. A full biological efficacy document, listing all of our efficacy research, is available on request.
  • Scaleable
    Our patented system allows effective expansion to enable the successful decontamination of any given volume. Therefore, whether it is a small store cupboard (c.10m3), a patient room (c.50m3), or an entire production facility (c.36,000m3), RBDS is capable of providing the solution.
  • Rapid response
    Whilst we all prefer that things are planned in advance, sometimes an emergency response is required to remedy the situation. Therefore Bioquell RBDS offers both scheduled and emergency services worldwide.
  • Rapid cycles

    Unlike other processes, RBDS is designed to offer a fast decontamination cycle to ensure minimal downtime for your assets – whether they are a production rig, a research lab or a patient area. Typically small rooms can be decontaminated in c. 2 hours with a whole building in under 24 hours, hence saving time and money. 
  • Excellent materials compatibility

    Hydrogen peroxide has excellent materials compatibility and, unlike some aggressive products, can be used on/in all environments including those containing sensitive electrical equipment. Further information, including case studies are available.


  • “Hassle free”
    RBDS is designed so that it minimises reliance on customer input. Once the site survey has been completed an experience decontamination project manager will be allocated by Bioquell to ensure that all aspects of the project are looked after and the project runs smoothly. The project manager will ensure that you are fully briefed about the on-site actions and give you progress reports as necessary. 
  • Fully inclusive
    The price we quote is it. There are no hidden charges or small print to worry about. Therefore once you commit to using the service you can be sure that the project will be completed on time and for the price originally proposed. 
  • No need for capital outlay

    RBDS is not the only way of bio-decontaminating a large area, but it is the best; and it means that no costly equipment purchase is required. This also means that considerations concerning calibration and maintenance, upgrades and, of course, training are also taken care of by Bioquell. This all leads to…
  • Real world cost savings
    We all appreciate that implementing a new system or service inherently seems expensive. Whether going from in-house to out-sourced, or simply upgrading existing procedures, it’s a “new cost”. However, RBDS is able to demonstrate large, actual, cost savings on projects either through reducing down time, stopping on going issues (i.e. continuing patient infection acquisition) or simply reducing the number of staff required to get the remediation work completed. Bioquell are happy to discuss how these cost savings will help you and work with you to build a business case for on-going contracted services.
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